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Writing is my passion. It has always been like that ever since I wrote my first essay in elementary school. There is a certain kind of cathartic feeling that I got whenever I put my mind into writing. I just can't stop writing, which is why I continuously try to write in any media and any style. For what I know, there is no limit to this intellectual activity except your own imagination.

The advent of internet has stoke a wildfire in this passion of mine because now I can share my writing to everyone without exception. In my opinion, the second best thing that can happen to a writer (the first being making a damn good writing) is knowing that your writing are read and appreciated by other people.

This page here will give you an inexhaustive list of places in the internet where I have posted my writing. If you think that I'm being narcissistic, then you are definitely right. After all, would a writer be anything but? So without further ado, here are the list that I'm talking about.

1. A Little Shining Star

This was the first blog that I ever used to post my writing. It was actually my girlfriend's blog, a blog that made me fall for her. In any case, she allows me to be a guest writer in her blog and it was the first time I found the joy in blogging. It was amazing to know for the first time that there are actually people who read my writing. I constantly checked the stats to find how many people have read my post and it was simply amazing. From then on, it was only a matter of time until I decide to create my own blog.

2. Kompasiana

This blog was made at the same time as I started the Peaceful Anarchy Journal. At that time, blogging culture was in the rise and Kompas, one of the biggest news outlet in Indonesia, decides to create a blogging service for their readers. I was in the first year of my college and I was only beginning to find my interest in political discourse, so my writing in these medium mostly reflect the state of my mind back then. To be honest, I really hate my writing in Kompasiana. It is so full of optimism and naivety bullshit that I took for granted from the popular celeb-politician at that time. Then again, this blog is still essential as it is the first platform that I ever used to express my political view. Moreover, a certain individual actually made a counter-article to criticize one of my post, so that was something.

3. Semangat Baru

If there is anything that I enjoy with the same passion as writing, it is  game. And among all of existing  game genre, the card game variant offers the best pleasure for me. This is the blog that reflects my passion for card game. It started as a blog about Yugioh, then Magic, and now basically any collectible card game that I can get. My writing in this blog was what got me an offer to wrote in Two Stompas website, although it didn't last very long. The blog is not updated frequently now, because I currently have an overload in academic writing, but mark my word that it will get revived when I feel like doing it.

4. Insufficient Space

I like surrealism. I especially like literature which seems to make no sense at all but filled to the brim with clever symbolism. That's the kind of writing that I published for this blog. It is currently my least popular blog, which is understandable because surrealism is most definitely not for everyone. But it didn't matter. For me, the sole purpose of this blog is to express and say whatever thought swimming in my head. Moreover, the blog also offers me a good way to exercise my thought whenever I got a writer's block. I'd say the blog is tailor-made for my well-being as a writer, but you definitely can check it out if you want to know more about me.

5. Arkipel

Writing for Arkipel was the first time that I ever got professionally hired for writing (Two Stompas did hire me first, but I wasn't paid with hard cash, only shopping credit). The site itself is a media for Arkipel film festival, which focused on experimental documentary. It was kinda amazing for me to get this opportunity, since I didn't have any background in filmography whatsoever. Turns out that the post-modern paradigm  I learned from studying International Relations matched so well with the ideology of experimental documentary. Most of my writing in this site are centered on the idea of cinema as a platform for resistance. So, if you like non-mainstream film and leftist ideology, you should definitely check this site and specifically my writing (because this is my blog and I can shamelessly promote my materials, lol).


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