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As an International Relations student, it is not unfamiliar for me to hear the word 'anarchy.' Anarchy is a situation where every unit have same position and same rights without any higher authority to control it. This concept is actually refers to the world itself, where every sovereign country has the same status in international community and there is no institute with higher authority.

Oftenly my lecturer said that the world is full of anarchy because of the sovereignty concept which is owned by every country. And as everybody knows, the anarchy will lead the world into the stage of war. Then someone in my class asked a question, "If anarchy is that bad, why should we keep it?"

The answer is really simple, anarchy can't be avoided. The world will always experience anarchy unless there is an institute whose authority is higher than states which means a world government. But the question will always arise, "Who Could govern more than 7 billion people with so many different culture, beliefs, and languages effectively?"

If you have religion, you may say that it is God who can do that. But from what I learn, God doesn't govern humans in a way that human does. God governs human by letting them with their free will. Thus God governs human by settting them free. And the concept of freedom itself is what lead us into the anarchy concept. So if we think about it again, the anarchy of the world is given by God. The fact that anarchy cannot be avoided really means that God wants the world to be in a condition of anarchy. And because it is a God's will, then we must accept it.

So, as we have accept that the world must be in a condition of anarchy, then we must learn to befriend with it. We must know the characteristic of anarchy, we must know what can make the anarchy gone wild, we must know just everything about anarchy in order to minimize the negative effects of it. Why? because we don't want to experience war and neither did our children. We must accept the anarchy but we don't want to experience the negative effects. That contradictory premise is so humanly but it is so true.

Now now, the contradictory premise itself is what brings us, International Relations student to study hard. By knowing more about the characteristic of anarchy, we will be the guard of peace. And we will be the one to maintain peace within the anarchy. A peaceful anarchy, that's sounda like it.

So that's my short intoduction for this blog. Actually this blog is not planned to wholly write the idea about the peaceful anarchy itself. Even to be honest, the name peaceful anarchy was been considered a minute before i create this blog.
the purpose of creating this blog is actually to share some of my essay during my study. I don't know if it will bring good to another but I believe that it will bring goodness to me since I can have a place to share my 'stupid' essay.

By the way, I am Indonesian, and currently studying International Relations in Undergraduate Program of Paramadina University. I don't know if you will enjoy reading my posts, but I'm sure that I will enjoy posting it. So if you don't enjoy reading my posts, don't waste your time, just don't read it. Okay?

Best Regards,

Jakarta, May 2nd 2012


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