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The Resistance of Islamic Organization in Indonesia to Globalization

( This paper has been presented in the 3rd International Conference on Social and Political Science held in UIN Syarif Hidayatullah on November 15th, 2017 ) I.       A New Kind of Tragedy Terrifying things have happened in Jakarta in the past decades. There was the Malari Incident in 1974 which results in 11 protestors dead and hundreds of cars and buildings destroyed [1] . There was the Tragedy of May 1998 where mass violence, civil unrest, and bodies lying on the roadside is a common thing [2] . There was, and still, many student gang-fights ( tawuran ) on a daily basis which killed some students from time to time [3] .  All of those tragedy were nothing compared to what happened in Jakarta on December 2 nd , 2016. On that faithful day, hundreds of thousands of people wearing white robes and clothes rallies to the center of Jakarta shouting a single demand: “Ahok (the then-Governor of Jakarta) must be jailed [4] !”  What makes this so-called ‘212 Demonstration