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Why I Hate my Job or How a Person Turned into Machine in Simple Steps

It's kinda amusing how many things you can lost just by having a job. For instance, I can't find myself enjoying the process of writing anymore. This is due to my inability to find anything interesting to write about in the first place. Like seriously, everything I do is boring, and I have to do it everyday. I've got to the point where I can't write anything except my boredom to my situation. But even then, I can't really write it at all because boring life doesn't make a good story. So here I am, a freshly graduated IR student working in a big international organization, scrambling aimlessly at the keyboard in hope that I can write something meaningful, but I don't know. The more key I type, the more depressing this writing seems. But I don't want to stop, even if it's killing me. Knowing that I can at least write two paragraph makes me a bit relieved. I know that the writer in me is still there, waiting for the right moment to come out. I just