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I'd Rather Take the Red Pill

If I can understood things perfectly, I’d suggest that everyone in the office is not what they appear to be. I know my boss is super temperamental and like to show a symptom of temper tantrum from time to time. But I believe that’s not my boss being mad, it’s just a project manager that is being mad, and she should be when she saw her staff not meeting her (or should I say, the company’s) expectation. She is not being herself, for she is just representing the value and standard of this company. She wears the mask of a project manager to get mad but other than that she is a nice person. How can a job change human’s personality so drastically? I always wonder if it’s the fault of the system that force people under certain kind of standard in which they must follow. The system shapes people into whatever they need and people simply can’t resist it. Well, actually they can, except that it will make them disposable in the eye of the system. I am one of the people who resist on how t

Why I Hate my Job or How a Person Turned into Machine in Simple Steps

It's kinda amusing how many things you can lost just by having a job. For instance, I can't find myself enjoying the process of writing anymore. This is due to my inability to find anything interesting to write about in the first place. Like seriously, everything I do is boring, and I have to do it everyday. I've got to the point where I can't write anything except my boredom to my situation. But even then, I can't really write it at all because boring life doesn't make a good story. So here I am, a freshly graduated IR student working in a big international organization, scrambling aimlessly at the keyboard in hope that I can write something meaningful, but I don't know. The more key I type, the more depressing this writing seems. But I don't want to stop, even if it's killing me. Knowing that I can at least write two paragraph makes me a bit relieved. I know that the writer in me is still there, waiting for the right moment to come out. I just