Dear UNSC's P5. . .

Dear Security Council’s permanent members, I know you were the symbol of peace and stability on this planet. I know mankind will always remember your merit and dedication for creating a peaceful world in 1945. Because if you haven’t done anything at that time, our history would be written by bloody hand of the cruelest facist regime that ever exist in the world. And my country, Indonesia, would still become Nippon’s Romusha who couldn’t breathe a nice air of freedom. Indeed, the fact that you were a hero of the history of mankind is undeniable.

But now, can’t you see how the world has changed? Can’t you see how people who were once glorifying you as a hero has turned to condemn you as an egoistic country who wants to defend your hegemony on the world. It’s only because you don’t want to give your position to another country. It’s only because you think no country will be capable to keep peace and stability as good as you.

Dear Security Council’s permanent members, do you remember Lord Acton? Once he said, “Power tends to corrupt, but absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Can’t you see that his prophecy has come true again for you? Can’t you understand that your unwillingness to give your position and your power to veto every decision in United Nations has become an absolute power that corrupts you? I believe everyone has agreed  that your absolute power is what makes you can’t work well to make a decision, because it makes you conflicting each other.

Hereby, I regret my ancestors who has been blinded by your reputation as the savior of mankind. Blind and forgetting Lord Acton’s words makes them gave you this absolute power. I don’t understand what were they thinking.

Whatever it is, you have to realize, dear Security Council’s permanent members. The world has changed. You have to realize that your power is not as strong as you. Many developing countries has been rising and  they in the future will always challange your so-called absolute power. You also have to realize that you have been enjoying your position to veto everything that against your national interest. And finally, you have to realized that your absolute power has corrupted you and makes you not capable anymore to run the United Nations. Realizing all of those thing, I believe it is more wise to surrender your position and giving it to a country who is more deserved.

And to prevent the new country who will gain your position, I believe the United Nations system has to be reformed. You should not give an absolute power to anyone, because it will only lead to a corruption. You have to create a system where every country’s national interest could be uphold and you can’t do that with the current system. Dear Security Council’s permanent members, I believe you should change.


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